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Schedule our first meeting

In this meeting our team will understand your value proposition, your competitors and your main audiencie, and we will design the best way to transform them into highly qualified leads interested in your product or service.

"Ok done, but... ¿now what?" - You, probably.
Profit from your investment from day one

To finish our onboarding and to get you profitable since day one we want to give you a series of bonuses that already cost more than what you will have paid (100% guaranteed).

We leave them below, to access them you just have to click on the bonus tabs that interests you.

1. Lower 100% of our fee with our partner program

The first bonus we are going to give you is the opportunity of lowering our fee and the fee for the projects you refer to the point of getting us to do FREE work for you and those who have been recommended by you.

What are we talking about? Our partner program, where each of our clients gains the superpower to generate the only fee discounts we offer at Bastida&Farina for themselves and the recommended projects.

These are the details of the program.

1. What is this program and how does it work
Our partner program is a system where you as clients can send us projects that may need a service like ours and in return, if we close the client, we discount you and the proyect you have recommended a % of our fee through all the time that client stays with us.

2. How much are the fee discounts
The fee discounts are gradual to ease up the start of the program. Thanks to this, the first referrals of each client discount a much larger % of our fee (for you and the referred project) that the last ones, to the point that with only with the first 2 referrals, the fee discount is already 50%. As a whole, with 10 referrals your fee is 100% reduced and you will have given 100% in discounts, so we work for free until any of those clients leave.

Broken down, the fee discount with each referral goes like this:
- 1º Referral: 30% fee discount for you and your 1º referred project
- 2º Referral: 20% fee discount for you and your 2º referred project
(Together is 50% of our fee, and you will have given 50% in discounts)

- 3º Referral: 10% fee discount for you and your 3º referred project
- 4º Referral: 7.5% fee discount for you and your 4º referred project
- 5º Referral: 7.5% fee discount for you and your 5º referred project
(Together is 75% of our fee and you will have given 75% in discounts)

- 6º Referral: 5% fee discount for you and your 6º referred project
- 7º Referral: 5% fee discount for you and your 7º referred project
- 8º Referral: 5% fee discount for you and your 8º referred project
- 9º Referral: 5% fee discount for you and your 9º referred project
- 10º Referral: 5% fee discount for you and your 10º referred project
(Together is 100% of our fee and you will have given 100% in discounts)

3. How can you refer us a client
To refer us a project you only need to know someone that may need a service like the one we offer and then convince him to book a call with us using the Calendly that is in our website. After this, they only needs to tell us that they come referred by you and if we close the client, we will add them as a referral by your part and we will make the fee discount inmediatly.

2. Free consulting session to automate your company

The next bonus is that, just for starting our collaboration, we will give you the opportunity to do 1 free sessios with us where we teach you on how you could be automating a lot of your operation drag.

The automation of many of the repetitive tasks of customer acquisition, team management and communication processes can save thousands of hours and even positions within your company (which means a cost saving of €25,000 minimum per job saved per year).

Currently we have everything automated within our company (as you may have seen during this sales process) and we offer you the possibility to do one session with us to help you automate many tasks of your operation.

It's very important that you schedule as soon as possible because this bonus expires after the first 30 days so... ¡book your call fast and enjoy!

You can schedule your free consulting session here.

3. Red de contactos de otros fundadores e inversores

Finally we want to offer you a bonus related to the creation of new relationships that can be useful for the growth of your business.

Because of a privacy we can't give the list with all of our contacts right away but just let us know what kind of contact you might be needing to solve some problem or get some synergy and we will review our entire network to find him.

As you will know a relationship by itself can be worth millions depending on the problems that it can solve you or the doors that can open for you, so take advantage of this and take advantage of this bonus (in many cases only providing a key contact many of our projects have paid off their entire investment for one year).

Just let us know by email or phone what you need and we’ll pull strings to try to find it.

¡With this you have finished all of our onboarding!

Now just let us know by email or message and relax waiting to the first meeting that you have scheduled.

Our team has been given all of your information during this process and will start working in the next hours.

Again, ¡thank your for your trust!
You are in very good hands.
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